The B. Iden Payne Awards Site as it is at the time of writing:

The B Iden Payne site as it is now

My mobile-first rendition:

b iden payne mobile

b iden payne tablet

b iden payne desktop

This was a re-design of a theatrical awards website in Austin, TX for Makersquare week 1. Since the website is more an informational archive, the design focused on readability and simplicity. It would definitely benefit from a search box.

I took a Girl Develop It course on Intro to Responsive Web Design the weekend I wrapped up this project, just after my first full week of Makersquare. I took a lot of what I learned that weekend and designed the site mobile-first.

I used FitText, Style Tiles, HexColor, simple media queries, and a quick redesign of their logo using Photoshop.