7:45 AM: Roll out of bed

I’ve been falling asleep almost immediately when I get home, or doing homework, so preparing meals or making breakfast hasn’t been an option. I do the usual human things to make myself somewhat presentable to the world.

8:15 AM Dog Walk

My husband’s still asleep, so I take the beast and his cone of shame out on a walk.

Brodie the border collie and his cone of shame

poor beastie!

8:20 AM Rush out the door and hope I get there by 9.

Usually I walk, sometimes I bike. I’m almost always 5-8 minutes late. I walk through the Texas State Capitol grounds because it’s very pretty. And mostly people-free.

Texas state capitol

walking in from the north route

Austin from the capitol

looking south from the capitol steps. This is literally my walk every day.

8:30 AM Breakfast

I take time to stop by LavAzza, one of my favorite morning spots, for a croissant, fruit, and coffee.


8:40 AM Reading

Makersquare is busy and intense and it’s important to take time doing things that aren’t related to computers or design or work. So I purposefully try to slow my morning. I don’t have a whole lot of time before class starts, but I manage to squeeze in a few pages of Walden. The more time I spend in front of a computer, the more I feel a tug to disconnect in order to inject some sense of balance.

Reading Walden at lavazza

8:55 AM Just before class

I walk into class just before we delve into front-end lessons.

Makersquare Cohort 8 in the morning

9:00 AM - Euler Problems!

From 9-10 we go over students’ answers to a Javascript Euler assignment and I eat my breakfast somewhat awkwardly, because no one else seems to eat breakfast in class as often as I do - but I make a point to eat this meal regularly. I’ve already done several Euler Problems in ruby and javascript before Makersquare started (ProTip: this is an excellent way to prepare for bootcamp), so the morning turns out to be more like a review session.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Front End lesson

By 11 we’re finishing up a javascript object-oriented assignment (or other internet-y things). I finish a little early and review Angular.js on my own by watching some videos. I also take every chance I can get to catch up on email and the design world through my Feedly account.

Because we’re all nerds we spend downtime learning new javascript tools or playing games.

MKS students the breaks playing games

12:00 PM - Lunch ‘Break’

Gone are the days when I would take a full lunch break because now I find myself, like other students, eating in front of my screen. I order Chipotle and quickly pick it up and get back to work.

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Angular Work

Creating a chat app using Angular

3:00 PM - 3:20 PM Coffee Break

From lunch till now we’ve been working nonstop. I’m feeling a little brain-dead, So it’s definitely time for a break. It’s hot hot hot outside, so I cannot drink the hot coffee that’s on auto brew throughout the whole day (nor can I comprehend how my classmates can drink it). I walk over to Royal Blue with Chris, Quin, Derek, and Emma for iced caffeine.

Iced Americano at Royal Blue Grocery

4:30 PM Break out the beer.

Most of us are finished early, and people are already starting to relax for the day. Most of the talk around the class concerns the upcoming Cohort 7’s open house night. It’s the night our experience at Makersquare culminates to, where students show off their senior projects to the Austin community and prospective employers. All of the buzz is a reminder that in less than a week our cohort (C8) will be on the senior side at Congress, beginning our final projects. Sooner than we expect, we shall be standing in their shoes.

These thoughts are both exciting and stressful, two feelings that are easily mitigated by some ping-pong (enter Justin and Patrick, our algorithms instructor)!

Makersquare students specialize in ping pong

6:00 PM Migrate home!

It’s 6PM and time to get home. Most people are staying for the ATX Sass meetup, but my husband and I had made plans weeks ago for dinner with a dear friend. I walk home a slightly different way than I came, admiring how green Austin is this summer.

Austin is green and pretty in the early summer

11:00 PM Way past my bedtime

After dinner the Zadrozny house is fairly exhausted. Instead of working late into the night I try to get to bed by 11:30-12 so I will be wide awake and ready to take on the next day. The life of a developer is always one where, for the most part, you must protect your brain and comprehension. I want to give my faculties the best chance of easily grasping difficult and very abstract concepts. More than ever before in my life I find myself becoming more and more protective of my sleep. My husband Nick appreciates this value shift tremendously!

Zadrozny sleep time

Six weeks fly fast. The days of prework hacking and laboring to make sense of objects seem a thousand miles away. The knowledge that every learning curve leads to better understanding and more powerful tools is a valuable perspective in a world where I am always aware of how little I know and how much I do not know. My teachers are awesome and make things a lot easier than they would be otherwise, and every day I’m here is one I’m thankful for. If you are interested in Makersquare, you should absolutely learn more and do it!

Tomorrow is a day of back-end with Nick, our ruby instructor, diving into Active Record! But that’s for tomorrow. Tonight, we sleep.