I said: 'I don't give a sh*t.'

It was Miranda’s* senior year of high school. She refused to rejoin the basketball team and ditched all of her old pink clothes for black jeans, heavy black eyeliner, and black band shirts. Her dark hair had streaks of bleach brown and hot pink, and her nails, long and pointed like claws, were always painted rave neon colors. Like many of her peers on the Rez, she lived with extended family. Like many of her peers on the Rez, she was still coping with her best friend’s suicide from the previous spring.

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Project: Branding for Loverboy Improv

I met the funny girls of Loverboy Improv in Hyde Park, one of the coziest neighborhoods of Austin. We sat outside a coffeehouse at a small table, laughing easily and exchanging ideas. There was so much energy and excitement, at the time all I could think was “Wow, these people are amazing!” I had previously done work with one of the members, who is an old college friend of mine, on her Hamlet show, so I knew it would be a fun collaboration.

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A Day in the Life of a Makersquare Student

7:45 AM: Roll out of bed

I’ve been falling asleep almost immediately when I get home, or doing homework, so preparing meals or making breakfast hasn’t been an option. I do the usual human things to make myself somewhat presentable to the world.

8:15 AM Dog Walk

My husband’s still asleep, so I take the beast and his cone of shame out on a walk.

Brodie the border collie and his cone of shame

poor beastie!

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Our First Mockathon Pt 1

Makersquare Week 4, 12PM

The ‘mockathon’ had been talked up for several days. The thought of building a complete app seemed laughably unfeasible, kind of like someone who says they’re going to work out the morning follow a past-3AM pub crawl (see 1:20). Nick, our instructor, has gave us instruction to make a Rock, Paper, Scissors game using Sinatra with a SQL database, where we’ll be writing our own SQL queries.

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