Using Webpack and React with Jekyll

Jekyll is great, and I’m a fan. It’s been around for a long time and remains a straightforward and simple solution to creating a static blog - in fact, this site is made with Jekyll. However, there are some more interactive pieces I’ve wanted to add here (including search) that require some fancier UI code but don’t necessitate a more powerful site generator. Enter Webpack and npm, which gives me access to node modules that...

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Our First Mockathon Pt 1

Makersquare Week 4, 12PM

The ‘mockathon’ had been talked up for several days. The thought of building a complete app seemed laughably unfeasible, kind of like someone who says they’re going to work out the morning follow a past-3AM pub crawl (see 1:20). Nick, our instructor, has gave us instruction to make a Rock, Paper, Scissors game using Sinatra with a SQL database, where we’ll be writing our own SQL queries.


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