The best part about working remote

I have been working from home for eight months. It’s done a lot to change my normal rhythms of life and made me a healthier, happier individual. I never thought it was an option for me — or anyone— until I started programming. The day I left my last desk job was the day I started reading Basecamp’s Remote, and suddenly all of my previous doubts about “normal” expected work schedules were confirmed.

Before I started...

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I said: 'I don't give a sh*t.'

It was Miranda’s* senior year of high school. She refused to rejoin the basketball team and ditched all of her old pink clothes for black jeans, heavy black eyeliner, and black band shirts. Her dark hair had streaks of bleach brown and hot pink, and her nails, long and pointed like claws, were always painted rave neon colors. Like many of her peers on the Rez, she lived with extended family. Like many of her...

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